Service Options

With Cremation, You Have All The Choices of Traditional Burial

Visitation or Gathering    
A formal or informal gathering for friends at the funeral home or another location allows everyone to share their condolences without disturbing the family's privacy at home.

Funeral or Memorial Service

A service honoring the deceased person can be held at the funeral home or place of worship before or after cremation.  Musical selections and special speakers are important choices in planning.

Burial, Permanent Possession, Columbarium Urn Niche Placement or Scattering     

While some families keep the remains, most choosing cremation decide to bury them. Many hold a public or private graveside service where others can bid their final farewells.  If you select a columbarium niche, you may desire a service at the niche. You can also add a service if scattering the remains.

Urn Choices 
 You will need an urn for the cremated remains. Which one you choose may depend on  the personality of the person who has died, as well as on the urn's style, color, cost and workmanship.

Cremation Service Options

1. Traditional Services followed by Cremation

Includes: Basic services of Lewis Homes for Funeral and Cremation Services Staff, direction of funeral services and visitation, embalming and other preparation of the body for visitation and funeral service, general use of facilities and vehicles, and removal of the deceased from  place of death to funeral home and crematory including mileage.  Merchandise is not included.

2. Cremation followed by Memorial Services      
Includes: Basic services of Lewis Homes for Funeral and Cremation Services Staff, direction of memorial services, general use of facilities, equipment and vehicles, and removal of the deceased from  place of death to funeral home and crematory including mileage. Merchandise is not included.

3. Cremation with a Graveside Service 
Includes: Basic services of Lewis Homes for Funeral and Cremation Services Staff, direction of service at Graveside, use of vehicles and other equipment and removal of deceased from place of death to funeral home and crematory including mileage.  Merchandise is not included. 

4. Direct Cremation
Includes: Basic services of Lewis Homes for Funeral and Cremation Services Staff, general use of facilities and vehicles, and removal of deceased from place of death to funeral home and crematory including mileage. Merchandise is not included.

5. Economy Accommodation Cremation
- Priced lower than the Cremation Society               
Includes: Limited services of Lewis Homes for Funeral and Cremation Services Staff, securing vital statistics at place of death or over phone/FAX if not pre-arranged, filing of death certificate, and social security, obtaining cremation permit, cremation process and removal of deceased from place of death to crematory including mileage.  Cremation Container included.

6. Distribution of Cremated Remains       
Scattered at a location requested by family within mileage area and within guidelines of state or local  laws/ordinances OR Burial in local Cemetery. Graveside services can be held, but minister must be provided by family.